Monday, 4 April 2016

Comparing pictures

Use connectors:
In picture A______________ , but in picture B___________.
In picture A______________. However, in picture B _________.
In picture A _____________. In contrast, in picture B ________.

Describe the part of the picture:
On the right/ on the left of the picture/photo__________.
At the top/ at the bottom of the picture/photo _________.
In the middle of the picture __________________.

Describe who appears in the picture.
The man, the men, the woman, the women, the girl, the boy, the animal....

Use these structures:
There is /there are
There isn´t/ there aren´t
I can see/ I can´t see

Use prepositions. Review them here.
The ________ is on/in/over the__________.

Use feelings. Review them here.

He/She feels happy/sad/worried.....

Use present continuous to describe what they are doing. Review it here.

Give your opinion.
I think .....
I like....
I don´t like....
I love...
I hate...

Review useful vocabulary such as physical appearance, food, action verbs...


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