Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Project 5

TYPE: It is a….vertebrate/ invertebrate/ mammal/ bird/ insect/ amphibian/ reptile/ fish

APPEARANCE: It is …very small/ small/ medium size/ big /enormous, it has got (colour) fur/ beak/spikes/whiskers/ scales/ claws/ jaw/ fangs/ fins/ tail/ feathers/ wings….

CLIMATE: It lives in a hot/ warm/ cold climate.

HABITATIt lives in water (in the river, the sea, beaches, lakes…)/on land (in the desert/ jungle/ country/forest/plain) in (country: Spain, Australia, etc)

DIET: It is carnivorous/ herbivorous/ omnivorous, so, it eats meat/ grass/ leaves/ seeds/ fruit/ fish/ insects.

CURIOSITY: It has got a….. It hasn´t got a…/ It can…./It can´t…

TYPE: It is a vertebrate mammal.

APPEARANCE: It is medium size, it has got dark brown fur and a beak.

CLIMATE: It can live in warm and cold climates. It usually lives in a cold climate.

HABITAT: It lives in water, in the rivers in Australia and in the Tasmanian Island.

DIET: It is carnivorous, so, it eats meat like worms, shellfish or insects.

CURIOSITY: It has got a poisonous spike on its back leg.

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